Boosting High End Earphone Sales Through Paid Media

Our team collaborated with a prominent US-based company that specialises in manufacturing loudspeakers, amplifiers, marketing materials, and signal processing devices. Our primary goal was to enhance the visibility of their recently launched product and engage with a wide range of potential customers. By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy tailored to their specific needs, we effectively attracted prospective buyers to their website, leading to a substantial surge in sales.


Lockstep was approached by the marketing team to assist in the promotion of their recently launched earphones. Their primary goals were to boost product sales, generate demand, and enhance product visibility. Understanding the challenges and objectives, Lockstep conducted a thorough analysis and recognized the necessity for a comprehensive, multi-level digital marketing strategy. In response, we implemented a diverse range of campaigns across Google Ads and Meta Ads platforms to effectively address these objectives. 

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
Professional Sound System Company
The Challenge

Promoting a high-end musical earphone specifically designed for prominent musicians and DJs. With a niche target audience and intense competition from other companies offering similar products, our objective was to generate widespread awareness and connect with as many potential customers as possible. To tackle these obstacles head-on, our primary aim was to craft a multifaceted campaign strategy that precisely targeted the intended audience, leading to exponential sales growth and a surge in market demand. We mutually agreed upon the following goals:

  • Target the search, display, and video networks to maximise visibility.
  • Increase both product traffic and revenue to meet monthly sales targets.

Within the first month itself, we obtained an impressive total of 51 conversions, resulting in a revenue of €69K from Google Ads alone. Additionally, Meta Ads contributed to our success by generating another 20 conversions.

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