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Explore the transformative impact of our digital marketing agency's strategy on an E-commerce business's sales performance. By leveraging the synergy between paid search advertising and SEO, we successfully drove targeted traffic, optimized conversions, and delivered substantial revenue growth, showcasing the potential of digital marketing for this client.


Vertella is a UK-based online distributor of food packaging, paper hygiene, PPE, and cleaning supplies. They offer over 5,000 competitively priced products with courier deliveries to customers' homes or workplaces that are reliable and safe. Two years ago, Vertella asked Lockstep for help to boost its digital presence and sales. After assessing their pain points and goals, we knew that Vertella needed a long-term and multi-level digital marketing strategy that focused on increasing their online returns. Our specialized approach helped drive in-market visitors to Vertella’s s website and has significantly increased their sales.

  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Landing Page Optimisation
  • Search Engine Optimisation
The Challenge

Prior to partnering with us, Vertella was struggling with the suspension of its Google Ads account, low website traffic, and poor sales due to the absence of effective strategies. Our primary goal was to increase sales, and we succeeded in that goal by progressively enhancing the account's performance. Because of this, we noticed a consistent month-over-month rise in sales.

After establishing Vertella ’s needs and identifying issues with their website, we agreed on the following goals:

  • Restructure the account
  • Achieve monthly sales targets set by the client 
  • Increase website revenue 
  • Lower their cost per acquisition

By implementing our tailored multi-channel, multi-level digital marketing strategy, we were able to achieve a significant £425.2K revenue past year for Vertella.

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