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By effectively utilising Paid Media (Google, Bing, Meta ads) and SEO (technical & content generation), our digital marketing agency successfully helped a pest control company find new clients and drive business expansion. With a comprehensive strategy, tailored to the industry's specific needs and leveraging the power of these three channels, our agency played a crucial role in helping the pest control company attract new clients, increase visibility, and achieve significant growth in their business.


Six months ago, Natran Green Pest Control company came to us for help developing their digital presence. They needed assistance in generating higher-value leads for their business, which they were planning to expand.

After our initial consultation, we knew Natran needed a fresh, long-term digital marketing strategy to reach their target clientele. We helped the client refine their digital marketing presence for more leads through website redesign, SEO, paid media ads, content marketing, and email campaigns. This successfully increased Natran’s recurring customer base, which meant they could then go ahead and expand their business into new service locations. 

  • Search engine marketing - Google & Microsoft Ads
  • Website desing & development
  • Social media marketing
  • Display ad creative services
  • Search Engine Optimisation
The Challenge

The Texas-based pest control company was operating solely in Houston. They wanted to hire new staff and expand their business into Austin, a top income earning location within their service area. However, Natran didn’t have enough leads to fuel their expansion. Traditional marketing practices like door knockers and sending out mail material weren’t working, so the company looked to Lockstep for a digital solution. 

After assessing their needs and identifying issues with their current marketing plan, we determined that Natran’s main goals were to:

  • Generate high-value leads through digital ads
  • Increase brand awareness across multiple channels in new locations

Natran saw a 113% increase in traffic and a 947% return on their investment for the company. Plus a high return of 575% on ad spend, with even more value coming from the area and the clientele they’ve been able to access since expanding.

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