Issues Around Google Merchant Center and How To Fix Them

Google Merchant Center, a dynamic platform that empowers businesses to feature and sell their products directly on Google, is a cornerstone of modern e-commerce. Yet, like any tool in the digital realm, it can occasionally encounter stumbling blocks that impact its seamless functionality. In this insightful blog, we’ll delve into the realm of common challenges faced by Merchant Center users and provide practical solutions to effectively tackle these obstacles head-on.

Alex Tkacovs

Issues around Merchant Center

Google Merchant Center issues can include data feed errors, product disapprovals, feed processing errors, account suspension, tracking and reporting problems, tax and shipping inaccuracies, feed update issues, image and landing page problems, currency and language mismatches, and challenges related to policy changes. Here’s an overview of some common issues and how to fix them:

1. Product Data Feed Errors

A frequent hurdle encountered by users revolves around data feed errors. These errors crop up when your product data fails to adhere to Google’s formatting requirements. Here’s how to effortlessly remedy this situation:

Attention to Detail: The Case of the Missing Attribute:

Imagine you’re a customer seeking a camera online. You find one, but it lacks a product description. Frustrating, right? Similarly, Google frowns upon incomplete data. Ensure all attributes, like title, description, price, and availability, are present for each product, just as you’d expect in a well-stocked store.

Image Excellence: The Visual Aisle:

A picture speaks a thousand words, and in e-commerce, it could also mean a thousand dollars. Validate that your product images meet Google’s quality and format standards. Double-check those URLs to ensure a smooth user experience.

URL Alignment: The Pathway to Products:

Think of your landing page URLs as signposts leading to treasure. If the signpost points the wrong way, your treasure (product) remains hidden. Make sure your URLs guide shoppers directly to the product page they seek.

Diagnostics: Your Data Health Check:

Regularly peruse the Diagnostics tab in Google Merchant Center, akin to preventive health checkups. It provides insights into potential issues before they escalate into major problems, saving you time and stress.include a sample screenshot here. 

Merchant Centre Diagnostics

2. Disapproved Products

The frustration of disapproved products resonates with many users. When your products face disapproval, it thwarts their appearance in the Google Shopping results. Here’s how to remedy this setback:

Policies: The Merchant’s Code:

Consider Google’s policies your merchant’s code of ethics. Just as you’d adhere to laws in a physical store, ensure your product listings follow Google’s guidelines. Avoid exaggerations, misleading claims, or prohibited content.

Craft Compelling Content: A Virtual Sales Pitch:

Craft product titles and descriptions that entice, but remain faithful to reality. Imagine you’re a customer – what would make you click on a product? Align these with your website’s content for consistency and credibility.

Precision in Numbers: Identifiers Matter:

Consider unique product identifiers (GTIN, MPN, Brand) as the product’s DNA. Accurate identifiers prevent disapprovals and confusion, ensuring your products find their rightful place on the digital shelf.

3. Account Suspension

Getting your account suspended is a real buzzkill that can totally put the brakes on your whole Merchant Center operation. This can go down if you’ve broken the rules, ignored the guidelines, or just kept on messing up. But no worries, here’s the lowdown on how to bounce back:

Appeal Process: Your Second Chance:

Analogous to a customer return, an account suspension isn’t the end. Follow Google’s appeal process diligently, demonstrating your commitment to rectifying issues and playing by the rules.

Learning and Growing: From Suspension to Success:

Understand why your account faced suspension. Like a skilled mechanic, diagnose the problem to prevent future breakdowns. Make necessary adjustments, learn from mistakes, and emerge stronger.

Google Support: Your Retail Guru:

When in doubt, turn to Google Support. They’re your knowledgeable retail advisor, ready to guide you back onto the path of success.

Now, I won’t lie, you might have to play the waiting game a bit. If things are dragging on, don’t be shy to hit up Google again and drop some extra info to back up your appeal. Hang in there!


As you journey through Google Merchant Center, remember that challenges are but stepping stones to success. Armed with these practical examples, you’re better equipped to navigate potential obstacles and optimize your product listings. Keep refining your approach, leveraging the power of data, images, and descriptions, and adapting to seasonal trends. With each listing, you inch closer to e-commerce excellence, ensuring that your products are visible to potential customers.